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Artist PA is available to propose and curate exhibitions in a wide range of spaces, both within and outside the established gallery system, and online. 


Extreme dedication and creativity will be tangible in every exhibition or show the agency engages in. Artist PA obtains required curatorial expertise, such as communication, organization, fundraising and research skills.


We elaborate on an innovative programme maintaining a clear vision on the concept and the targeted public.



Artistic creativity is disposing of more freedom than ever, even if the current situation looks far from ideal. Similar to artistic practices, any exhibition context is unique and, at the same time, part of the global art world.


Offering opportunities to independent curators with unusual ideas is generally appreciated by the public. Nevertheless, the visionary factor still seems underestimated by the traditional art institutions.

Apart from event curation, Artist PA also offers production and management services (pop-up exhibitions in business interiors & public spaces; lectures, master classes and public talks on art).

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