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What is DTP!?

DTP! is a platform for creatives using a team-based environment in which ideas and materials will be exchanged through Microsoft Teams, our Youtube channel, blog and social media.


Using group meetings, video conferencing and online (learning) systems, as well as more social networking tools, the artists communicate and develop projects.


This enables creatives to easily build new international relationships, sharing ideas and communicating online. Lara from ArtistPA is to host and moderate the conferences, guiding the artists through different phases of the creative process such as brainstorming, design and prototyping. External experts on particular fields could be invited too. 


DTP! allows artists to work together on a -series of- works simultaneously while physically being distant.


Working in 1 group or several small project groups, they build collaborations for the future. It helps artists tackle difficult tasks or large projects and apply complex techniques.

Where to view/visit DTP!?

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