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Throughout the artist PA coaching pogramme and sessions, we exlore your full potential as an artist, and teach you  how to present yourself in a professional and realistic manner.  

We offer 3 types of coaching: 

-Focus session
-Year programme

-Project supervision


If desired, the Artist PA can work with you on your uncertainties or limiting beliefs, so that you are free to make your dreams come true!


We can guide you in developing your business skills and bring them into balance with your creativity, enabling you to build a successful life and career.


A clear definition of your identity as an artist and as a person is necessary to develop long-term goals an strategy.

Focus Session

This session clarifies the basis of your company in one session and provides you with enough tools to get started right away. In this session we talk about:


  • your product, service and target group

  • your mission, what is your vision

  • how are you going to promote yourself; marketing strategy

  • communication plan

  • acquisition plan

  • price determination

Year programme
Would you like to put yourself on the map? Get started with your business and make a commitment? So that you know for sure that you are doing everything you can to properly build your business? And would you like to have someone who gives you feedback, thinks along? The artist PA year program offers:

  • A coaching session of 1.5 hours each month supported by the training "Towards more revenue as creative in a year"

  • Brand development session of 2 hours at the start of the programme, comprising a brand audit and competitor analysis with a focus on Identity and positioning, comprising a thorough examination of the artist statement & portfolio presentation.

  • unlimited e-mail contact, so that you can also ask questions in between if you run into something

  • price determination.

Project supervision

I can support you in both content and practical matters. In fact, my strength lies in the combination of both. I can guide you through your project and ensure that you realise your project in the best way possible, for example:

  • An art project, from idea to realization

  • Placing a (large) project on the market

  • Research and (final) editing

  • Guidance when publishing a photo or art book

  • Crowdfunding/fundraising/applying for subsidies which enable you to realize your project

  • (Content) marketing for your project or event, generating attention and involvement for your project

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